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Why a Fig Perfume Should Be Your Next Scent Investment

The elusive essence of fig has long fascinated perfumers globally; though the fruit's actual scent cannot be distilled, ingenious synthetics have captured its inviting allure. This progressive note has flourished within the portfolios of luxury brands like Diptyque and Jo Malone, echoing the warmth of summer and the richness of the fig tree through every spritz of eau de parfum. With its succulent flair, Fig perfume has established itself as a quintessential choice, embodying the simplicity and elegance of Mediterranean living.

Embracing the versatility of fig's fragrance profile, this article traverses the olfactory landscape from Diptyque’s Philosykos to L’Artisan Parfumeur's Premier Figuier, highlighting how ripe figs inspire perfume varieties like Atelier Cologne's creations. As the summer fades, these eau de parfums offer a harmonious blend of freshness with depth, inviting you to experience a spectrum of scents from celebrated labels that capture the immersive, woody calm of a fig orchard.

Perfumer H Fig Eau de Parfum

In the realm of fragrances where sophistication meets versatility, the Perfumer H Fig EDP stands as a testament to the timeless elegance of unisex scents. Launched in 2021, this spicy-green concoction is the brainchild of renowned perfumer Lyn Harris, who has meticulously woven a tapestry of scents that pay homage to every facet of the fig tree.

Fragrance Composition:

  • Core Note: The quintessential fig, capturing the essence of its lush fruit.
  • Complementary Notes: A symphony of Atlas cedar, green leaves, and Turkish rose, infusing the blend with earthy, floral undertones.
  • Spice and Warmth: Accents of black pepper and frankincense add a subtle kick, while musk envelops the senses, providing a comforting finish.
  • Citrusy Touch: Petitgrain water imparts a fresh, mildly woody hint reminiscent of the crispness of oranger eau de brouts.
  • Ingredients: A base of Alcohol Denat. supports the blend, mixed with Aqua, and a careful selection of Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, and Linalool to ensure a full-bodied experience.

    This fragrance's sillage rating of 6.821 speaks to its moderate yet noticeable presence as it lingers in the air. While Perfumer H Fig EDP has not garnered reviews as of the latest update, its craftsmanship alone tells a story of quality and exclusivity.

    Availability and Presentation:
  • Sizes and Pricing: Offered in 100ml Eau de Parfum at $310 and 50ml Eau de Parfum at $220, providing options for both indulgence and accessibility.
  • Bottle Design: Each handblown bottle, originating from the UK, is not only a vessel for the scent but also a piece of art that can be refilled with a 100ml Eau de Parfum, ensuring sustainability in luxury.
  • Made to Order: Emphasizing the exclusivity, each bottle is crafted upon order and delivered within an approximate 4-week time frame.

    Described as the fragrance equivalent of a classic white shirt, the Perfumer H Fig EDP is chic and adaptable, making it a suitable choice for any season. Its intricate blend is reminiscent of a stroll through a fig orchard, where the bountiful fruit, verdant leaves, and woody branches come together in a harmonious and elegant fashion. Despite its current unavailability, which could hint at limited stock or discontinuation, the allure of Perfumer H Fig EDP remains undiminished, as it continues to be a coveted scent for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike.

Dries Van Noten Santal Greenery EDP

Dries Van Noten Santal Greenery EDP is the epitome of modern elegance, captured in a unisex Woody fragrance that graced the world of perfumery in 2022. The creative force behind this scent, perfumer Nisrine Bouazzaoui Grillié, has crafted a fragrance that resonates with the contemporary spirit yet pays tribute to the timeless allure of nature.

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: The fragrance embarks on a zesty journey with the invigorating freshness of bergamot and grapefruit.
  • Middle Notes: It transitions into the heart, where fig and violet leaf interlace, creating a green, creamy core reminiscent of a lush fig tree.
  • Base Notes: The scent crescendos with the grounding presence of sandalwood and the soft, clean finish of white musk.

    Encased in a refillable white opaque glass bottle adorned with lush vegetation print, the Santal Greenery EDP is not just a fragrance but a statement piece. The secondary packaging, which is made from renewable and biodegradable natural wood fibers, is conscientious of environmental impact.

    Eco-conscious Elements:
  • Ingredients: The composition, which contains 90% naturally derived ingredients, includes Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water), and a blend of Hexyl Cinnamon, Limonene, and Linalool, among others, all supported by alcohol of vegetal origin.
  • Refill Process: Sustainability is a key feature, with a simple refill process involving a key and funnel ensuring the bottle's and fragrance's longevity.

    Santal Greenery EDP offers complimentary shipping on orders surpassing 100 €/$/£ for those seeking convenience alongside luxury. Delivery is prompt, taking between 1 to 3 days, and if the scent doesn't captivate your senses, free returns are available within 15 days.

    Described as having the DNA of green fig shampoo, Santal Greenery EDP is a fragrance that evolves with the wearer. Initially, a burst of citrus greets the senses, which then mellows into the creamy, green notes of figs before settling into the warm embrace of sandalwood. The longevity is impressive, with the fragrance lasting around eight hours as a close skin scent and up to 12 hours before becoming subtle.

    Purchasing Options:
  • Size and Price: The scent is available in 100ml for $305.00 or a 200ml refill for $375.00.
  • Availability: It can be acquired from high-end retailers such as Selfridges or directly from Dries Van Noten.

    Santal Greenery EDP is a scent that doesn't just pass by; it lingers, interacts, and becomes part of one's olfactory signature. It's a contemporary twist on classic elements, perfect for those who appreciate the green vibrancy of figs interwoven with the sophistication of sandalwood.

Tuoksu Fig Leaf + Tonka Bean Extrait de Parfum

In the tapestry of fig perfumes, Tuoksu's Fig Leaf + Tonka Bean Extrait de Parfum emerges as a notable weave. Its concentration of 20% classifies it as an Extrait de Parfum, the most potent form in the fragrance family. The allure of this scent is such that both the 50 ml and 30 ml variants have flown off the shelves, often marked as sold out, reflecting its popularity among fragrance aficionados.

Scent Composition:

  • Top Notes: The fragrance opens with the verdant freshness of Green Fig and the crispness of Sun-Soaked Leaves, an inviting prelude to the scent journey.
  • Heart Notes: Coconut and Galbanum give the fragrance a tropical twist, while Sea-Washed Flowers bring a bouquet of marine florals to the heart.
  • Base Notes: Grounding the fragrance, White Cedar and Orris Root provide a woody foundation, complemented by the unique inclusion of Fig Stems, which add authenticity to the fig narrative.

    Scent Experience and Value:
  • Price Point: At $49 for 50 ml and $29 for 30 ml, this scent offers an accessible entry into the luxury fig perfume market, especially when juxtaposed with its peers like Diptyque’s Philosykos at $230, L'Artisan Parfumeur's Premier Figuier Extreme at $190, and DS & Durga's Debaser at $210.
  • Ingredients: A blend of Perfumer’s Alcohol, Parfum, Aqua, and the aforementioned notes, this Extrait de Parfum promises a rich and long-lasting olfactory experience.

    Tuoksu's Fig Leaf + Tonka Bean is a testament to the brand's mission to democratize perfume creation. It is crafted by master perfumers who understand that fig perfumes, with their ability to temper sweetness, balance florals, and deepen citrus scents, are versatile and sophisticated choices for any fragrance collection. As Harper's Bazaar notes, the versatility of fig in perfumery is unparalleled, and Tuoksu's offering is a shining example of this multifaceted note's potential.

Dior Dioriviera EDP

Dior Dioriviera Eau de Parfum emerges onto the fragrance scene as a symphony of modern romance and elegant naturalism. This scent captures the essence of a sun-drenched rose garden in the South of France. Crafted by the masterful Francis Kurkdjian and launched in the vibrant year of 2023, this Floral Fruity unisex perfume is a nod to the contemporary yet timeless allure of nature's finest.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Inspiration: Drawn from the serene rose garden near Château Noire, the fragrance is a tribute to the beauty of nature, infusing modern and romantic vibes.
  • Scent Notes: A harmonious duet of Fig leaf and Rose at the heart, enveloped by a bouquet of fruity green and warm notes, evoking the image of sun-warmed petals and the greenest fig harvests.
  • Character: The Dioriviera EDP is elegantly fruity green and floral, a contemporary twist on the classic floral with the fruitiness emanating from both roses and figs, creating a lively, sunny day ambiance.

    Practical Details:
  • Pricing and Availability: Retailing at $330 for a bottle when purchased directly from Dior, it's an exclusive scent available only in Dior boutiques. Sizes and prices range from $150 to $450.
  • Sizes: The EDP comes in various sizes, from a 1 ML Sample to a more generous 10 ML Glass Spray, catering to various needs and preferences.

The Dior Dioriviera EDP is not just a fragrance; it's an experience, a day in full bloom. It's a scent that promises to be a vibrant addition to any collection, perfect for those who seek a fresh yet profound signature scent that is as much about the joy of the present as it is an ode to the classic floral past.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier Extreme EDP

L'Artisan Parfumeur's Premier Figuier Extrême EDP is a fragrant homage to the full-bodied aroma of a fig tree basking in the summer sun. Crafted by the skilled Olivia Giacobetti, this Eau de Parfum is a woody and sweet symphony that captures the essence of ripe fruit hanging amidst lush foliage.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Layer: Opens with the verdancy of Fig Leaf, offering a fresh and crisp introduction.
  • Heart: The scent unfolds into a creamy blend of Coconut Milk and Almond Milk, enriching the fig's natural sweetness.
  • Base: A robust Cedarwood and Dried Fruits foundation anchors the fragrance, with Sandalwood adding a smooth finish.

    Product Details:
  • Size: Available in a 100ml bottle.
  • Price: Priced at $230.00, reflecting its premium positioning in the market.
  • Comparative Insights:
  • Scent Comparison: Unlike the original Premier Figuier, the Extreme EDP variant offers a more subdued scent profile with milky coconut nuances, less fruity but richer and creamier.
  • Alternatives: For those seeking a greener fig scent, alternatives like Diptyque Philosykos and Profumum Roma Ichnusa are recommended. Profumum Roma Ichnusa, in particular, is noted for its extremely green character, which is ideal for those who favor the leafy aspects of fig over the fruit.
  • User Recommendations: Fragrantica members have preferred this fragrance, and those who enjoy it also tend to like an array of other perfumes, indicating its versatile appeal.

    Additional Offerings:
  • Complementary Products: The Premier Figuier line extends beyond the EDP with a Hand & Body Wash available in a 300ml size for $46.00, encapsulating the same summer's day fig tree scent.

  • Trending and Reviews:
  • Trends: L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier Extrême EDP enjoys popularity among fragrance enthusiasts, as evidenced by its trendiness on Fragrantica.
  • Review Analysis: The fragrance garners AI-generated pros and cons, with many users preferring the original for its vibrancy and the Extreme EDP for its enhanced longevity.
  • Publications & Mentions: This scent has been featured in "Best in Show" articles, spotlighting Olivia Giacobetti's work and coconut fragrances.

    With its intricate blend and the perfumer's artistry, L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier Extrême EDP is a scent that promises to leave a lasting impression, much like the serene experience of wandering through a fig orchard under the Provençal sun.

Van Cleef & Arpels Santal Blanc Eau de Parfum

Venturing into the sophisticated and unique realm, Van Cleef & Arpels Santal Blanc EDP presents itself as a luxurious scent that defies the ordinary. Launched in 2019, this Floral Woody Musk fragrance has been crafted for those who dare to stand out.

Fragrance Composition:

  • Top Notes: A delightful opening of Fig Nectar and Mandarin Orange sets a fresh and fruity tone.
  • Middle Notes: The heart blends Sandalwood and Violet, a floral woody fusion that captivates the senses.
  • Base Notes: A foundation of Musk, Tonka Bean, and Benzoin creates a creamy, sweet finish that lingers.

    Perfumer Michel Almairac's creation is a global affair, with the fragrance's information available in an impressive array of languages, from Deutsch to 汉语, showcasing its international appeal.

    Unique Characteristics:
  • Creamy-Woody Accords: Described as creamy-woody with fresh fruity undertones, the scent is a harmonious blend of sweet and milky fig.
  • Luxurious Aura: Users describe the fragrance as having a leeeeicht Animalik in the drydown, a term that hints at a subtle animalistic quality that adds depth and intrigue.
  • Sophisticated Bottle: The perfume is housed in a 2.5 oz / 75 mL bottle that speaks of the brand's commitment to elegance and luxury.

    Comparative Insights:
  • Santal Blanc vs. Santal 33: Some reviewers compare it favorably to Le Labo's Santal 33, noting the absence of the 'pickle juice' note that some detect in the latter.
  • Reinterpretation of a Classic: It is a modern take on Serge Lutens's 2001 Santal Blanc, offering a new buttery twist with a fig milk note likened to full-cream milk warming on the stove.
  • Unusual and Weirdly Wonderful: Described as 'happily weird', this perfume combines the unexpected with the familiar, reminiscent of Guerlain Samsara mixed with L’Artisan Premier Figuier and hints of Costume National 21.

    In the dry-down, the scent evolves into what can only be described as the aroma of clean, healthy skin sweetened by milky woods. It's soft and plush, with fluttery violets and a gentle hint of spice that adds to its complexity. This is a scent for the discerning nose and is recommended for perfumistas who value sophistication and a unique olfactory experience. With its buttery goodness and unusual sweet hot milkiness, Van Cleef & Arpels Santal Blanc EDP is a standout fragrance that promises to envelop the wearer in a cocoon of aromatic luxury.


Embarking on a sensory journey through the elegant terrain of fig-infused fragrances reveals a world where tradition and innovation converge to create scents that captivate and charm. From the freshness and versatility of fig leaves to the creamy depths of ripe fruit, the perfumes explored in this narrative—be they the brainchild of artful Perfumer H or the modernist vision of Van Cleef & Arpels—each tell a story rooted in the richness of Mediterranean landscapes and the luxury of nuanced perfumery.

As we reflect on the immersive experience these fragrances provide, we recognize their ability to evoke memories and emotions, capturing the essence of summer and the sophistication of nature in every bottle. For enthusiasts and collectors alike, the allure of fig perfume is undeniable, inviting one to explore and invest in its timeless elegance. Embrace the charm of this coveted scent profile and discover your signature fig fragrance to enrich your personal collection.

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